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  1. What is a "Swah-Ray"

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    A Soirée  is an elegant evening gathering, usually at someone's home. The jeans and t-shirt you wear to a regular party won't cut it — a soiree requires far fancier attire.

    Soirée, pronounced "swah-RAY," is a French word. Soir means "evening" in French, and soirée is literally an "evening party." But this is no NRL or AFL party with potato chips and people slouching in beanbags — a soiree is an elegant affair. Though often held at someone's house, people dress up. There may be music provided by a classical pianist,  jazz combo or old school record player while you serve fancy food on platters.

    The Soirée Van is not just for evening parties! You can dress her up or down to suit your style, backyard tea parties and bbq's to just add backdrop for instagram stories and edits.